Another interesting day |

Another interesting day

…Hello friends!

My name is Victor and I’m 10 years old. I live in Kostroma and this is my third time participating in this camp. This session, I’m a member of the Blue Crew (Sea Shailushais). I want to share my day with you so get ready.

Today, we woke up later than we used to because it was a day off for us. We cleaned up our rooms, warmed up and then had breakfast. After breakfast, we had a “Fair”. This event has a lot of activities: Sports, English, Workshop, etc. During this event, you have to visit different stations to make records for yourself and earn some coins. I visited a lot of stations, but my favorite was the Sea obstacles. At this station I was able to make the record of scoring 33 two-points within 3 minutes. I was very proud of myself. Also, I was able to purchase a customized camp T-Shirt from the coins I earned from several stations.

After this, we had a delicious lunch and a nap time. But at nap time, you can either sleep or go to the movies. I visited the movie, and we watched the Spiderman cartoon. I really enjoyed the movie. Then we had group time to prepare our cheering dance for our Sports festival in the evening. Although I am not good at dancing, my crew mates took time to teach me the moves we were all to do. It was so funny, but I enjoyed it. We had supper and got ready for the festival. Too bad, my team got third place, but the event was very exciting. We then had our snacks and went to prepare for bed. The day was so wonderful, and I can’t wait for another day to begin with exciting moments!!

Viktor Symov ,

Sea Shailushais (Blue Crew)


Summer is here again hurray!!!

It’s that part of the year to chill out and I think of no place other than the International Youth Camp (MMC) in Nerehkta, where your spirit is ignited with electrifying atmosphere. I am David Owusu-Mensah a Ghanaian who entered the Russian Federation as a student at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow, pursuing a master’s degree in Economics and Economic Policy. I worked as a counselor in this camp last year and I couldn’t afford to miss out on this year’s. 

For those seeking adventure, education, and the chance to create enduring memories, the International Youth Camp (MMC) in Nerehkta is the ideal summer destination. As soon as you arrive, the vibrant energy of other campers, each bringing their own cultures and stories, envelops you. Every day at MMC is jam-packed with exciting events, ranging from intellectual workshops and creative arts to team sports and outdoor adventures. Every moment is an opportunity to push yourself and learn, whether you’re painting a picture or scaling a rock-climbing wall. 

Today was a day off for all campers but it was very thrilling. Mainly, there was a “Fair” where campers had to visit several stations in the camp to earn some coins and purchase items for themselves. The zeal with which everyone showed, even with the little supervisor, in participating in the event is worth mentioning. I must admit that the perseverance of campers to complete tasks to their perfection was so touching for me, reminding me of the sayings ‘it’s not over until it’s over’ and ‘if it must be done then it must be done well. Though you see them as kids, but if only you can open widely the eyes of your mind will you catch the life lessons these beautiful souls are teaching you.

Evenings at the camp are delightful. When the sun goes down, the camp becomes a center of entertainment and socializing. On this day, we had a ‘Battle of the Seas’ where crews engaged in exciting sports fest. It was fun to see several teams cheering each other up cementing the solidarity among all campers.

More than just a summer vacation, the International Youth Camp in Nerehkta is a place where you can find new passions, refine your leadership abilities, and broaden your worldview. So, gather your energy, pack your bags, and get ready for an amazing summer at MMC, where the good times never end, and the memories never fade!

David,Counselor (Blue Crew)


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