An article from the Steampsons |

An article from the Steampsons

Hi, I am Kirill from Zhukovsky. I am from the Green Carriage and it is the best team. 

Yesterday was the 7th of August and we had very difficult day. We had an exam. The exam was not very hard but I had some troubles. I think I have done at least 50%. Next we had the speaking part. A lot of people from our carriage were afraid of the speaking part. Then we had a disco-party. For this disco-party we made special costumes and it was very cool. After this we had our Candle Light and it was a sad party because we will never see each other again. Our counsellor prepared some games for us. 

All session is very good. We have a lot of English in this session. We speak at our English lessons and also at our Sport lessons and Workshop. We have a lot of performances and we prepare for these performances all free time that we have. All the performances of each carriage were very good. 

I think if you want to make the camp better than nowadays you can do two English lessons: in the morning and in the evening. And wake up at 8-30. 

Thanks our counsellors and leaders because they did for us our camp life. At the end I say to our cooks thank you.

Kirill Deyankov, 13 years old.    


Before I introduce myself, give me a second to express my gratitude to Dima and Elena Kotlyarov for inviting me once again to this radiant place ,that feels so much like home.I am always pleased to be here.
Hello everyone, my name is Michelle and I’m a guide teacher here in MMC. I’ve been here twice and I always find a magnet in my heart that brings me back to this radient place in the heart of Russia.
As a teacher guide, I find it an honor to share my knowledge in the English language with the children. I also learn from them aswell, many of them have very interesting experiences And stories and are not afraid to express themselves in a foreign language. As for those who are still picking up or just starting their journey ,we encourage them at our lessons and stations at options too, where we learn using games or music. 
There are other times when we conduct special test preparation classes at stations at option, there we try to equip eager learners with the knowledge they’ll need and help them hone their language skills.
It’s well known that learning languages helps express our feelings, desires, and queries to the world around us, everyone knows that. But! To have the daily motivation to learn a language with a positive mind set is just a wonderful trait to have! And that’s what I see in these children. I think it goes without saying that, « the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is Sweet! »
In our classes , we have a lot of room for mistakes: be it grammatical or lexical . The most important thing is that the student wants to learn how to fix that mistake . And our guides are here to motivate the children to want to be better in their learning journey and they are here to help them develop their language skills aswell. 
Today as everyday, we are going to take another step further in our learning process as our final tests are approaching us .It’s going to be a long day for most of us, but together as a supportive and respectful team , we will succeed. As the saying goes, “we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges”.

Michelle Nemenim, teacher MMC


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