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Hello everyone! My name is Vova, I’m from Moscow and I want to tell you about the previous day. I woke up at 7 o’clock and I had good sleep at night, but the morning warm-up wasn’t until 8:20 and I didn’t know what I should to do with all this extra time, but it passed by quickly and at 8:20 we were having a warm-up. Читать далее…

During it we did funny sport exercises and active games. At the group time we didn’t have the best behavior, but our Counselors made us calm down quickly and we started to come up with ideas and write our script for our performance. During the first house time and we played games for team building. Our usual lessons (sports, forge and English) passed very quickly. After lessons there was a nap time and during the next house time we had rehearsal of our performance “When paintings come to life”. The main idea of this performance was that each team is given different paintings and we should tell the story of this picture or to finish our performance with this it. My team got the picture “Night watch” by Rembrandt. That was quite a difficult painting but we created a very good script in my opinion. At the stations at options we helped our team at forge to making props and costumes, and write funny letters to people in our camp (MMC). The second rehearsal was better than the first one, but there were still many things which can be improved. Few words about weather and food today, weather was pretty good and food was good, but not as good as the weather. After the dinner we had performance. And I liked all performances. I was surprised when our performance was pretty good and we didn’t get the last place, I was really happy with this. It turned out we got second place and I was surprised too. I was really impressed when the green team got first place. If I were a judge I would have wanted to give the first place to the blue or yellow house because their performances were quite good. The performances had good script, artistry and good setting. And one important thing 2 children have birthday. These children were leaders of the day. They tried to be good and learn all what teachers said to them. At evening snack we have 2 cakes and usual snack, but these two cakes were even tastier then usual snack.

Aleshin Vova, 14 y.o, Moscow


Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay Huff, I am from Portland Oregon in the USA. I am 20 years old and I study Russian literature at the University of Oregon, which is how I found out about MMC. This is my first time in Russia and my first time being a counselor. I am lucky to be working with the amazing Yana Mitrovna because she is a fantastic and experienced counselor, and exactly the kind of partner I need as a first time counselor. Yana has been great about showing me how things work at MMC and what my responsibilities are as a counselor, as well as being an example of how to communicate and interact with the kids.

Our team consists of 18 awesome kids, 12 boys and 6 girls ages 11-13. They have so much energy! They are great at participating in our activities, especially our performances. The kids always have tons of great ideas, and love writing scripts with Yana and I, and they are always proud of the work they do, even if they don’t always win first place. It’s easy to tell that the kids all really like each other and enjoy working and playing together, and each day they get closer and closer together.

Our goal for this session is to learn how to work together as a team rather than individuals trying to control the group. We get a little bit better every day, because the kids get to know each other better, which helps build the team. It can be challenging to get a group of strong willed, smart, and independent kids to switch to the mindset of a team, but it is clear that they are trying hard to learn to work together!

I am so lucky that I am able to be here at MMC. I love working with kids and other counselors, as well as getting to practice my Russian. It’s also really fun to help the kids learn English! I love being here, because I am making new friends, and gaining experiences and memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Lindsay Huff, the Knight of the Yellow House


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